Kołobrzeg and its surroundings

- Kołobrzeg is the oldest and most beautiful Polish seaside spa of unparalleled beauty and rich history. The city is conditioned by an excellent position at the mouth of the river Parsęta, in the Zachodniopomorskie. The spa district constitutes the north part of the city along the sea-shore. Kołobrzeg counts about 50 thousand inhabitants. It is an attractive seaside resort and a health resort also known for its famous fishing and commercial port. Clean sea air saturated with iodine and the great solar exposure are creating excellent conditions for rest very well. Numerous festivals, cultural events and rich chain of the restaurant and shops enable to spend time interestingly. Local climate is influenced by the offing and considerable participation of strong winds called “kołobrzeskie”. In the neighbourhood there are rich deposits of therapeutic mud and numerous sources of the mineral water.

- Lighthouse for heights of 26 m - was built in 1945, in the place of an ancient lighthouset in the Ujście Outlet. It is possible to admire the beautiful panorama of the city and surroundings from there. Light from lighthouse us visible from 36.5 km away.

- Pier in Kołobrzeg – 220 metres long and 9 metres wide, and about 4.5m above the sea level, it is finished with a small harbour for an excursion boats, from where it is possible to sail on brief voyages.

- The new Old Town - interesting complex of buildings with historic circuit of streets

- Neo-Gothic town hall from XIX century which is a showcase of the city. It resembles the medieval castle

- Kołobrzeg forest – wooded area of 35 km2, a light blue tourist trail is running through the forest. In the forest numerous swamps, natural memorials of historic importance and bicycle routes. Here grows the oldest oak "Bolesław" in Poland that is 800 years old.



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